Industrial networks are all about reliability and being deterministic. They rely on data being transmitted and received both clearly and consistently without noise or perturbations on the signals. Delivering the adequate isolation level integrated to the networking interface of devices is crucial since it directly impacts the ruggedness of the network.

That’s why Pulse Networking created the new JXR8 PIP tab down series of 1×2 Ethernet Connector Modules. Designed to provide safety isolation and noise reduction in a single solution, the new JXR8 series connector modules operate with a wide range of industrial protocols.

The JXR8 PIP tab down soldering capability removes one step in the manufacturing process by allowing the parts to be reflow soldered. Their compact design provides easy layout for PCB designs.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Designed to meet IEEE802.3u (100BASE-TX) and 802.3ab (1000BASE-T)standards
  • -40°C to +85°C degree operating temperature.
  • Pin-in-Paste (PIP) Soldering
  • Suitable for CAT 3, CAT 5 UTP or higher
  • Compact form factor optimizing board space
  • Supports all major PHY manufacturers


  • Industrial automation
  • Process or remote control and monitoring
  • Factory or rugged communication networks
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Touch screen display & panels
  • Security & image processing
  • Access control