Today’s cars, trucks, and SUVs are not only much more visible at night, they provide the driver a much clearer and safer view of the road. As a result of today’s advanced LED lighting systems, nighttime accidents are being reduced. In addition to safety benefits, LED lighting offers today’s vehicles an extra ‘character and pizazz’ factor, driven by OEMs via corporate styling schemes for front, interior, and rear lighting.

ON Semiconductor has been engaged in automotive solid state lighting from the beginning, first with HID front headlight solutions, and continuing today with a wide variety of LED lighting solutions for virtually every application within the vehicle.


ON Semiconductor supplies products and solutions that control individual LEDs to complex LED lighting strings. The company designs LED drivers and power supplies for all forms of automotive lighting, including interior, RGB, accent, and complex rear tail lights; as well as scalable systems for advanced LED Mechatronic and Pixel Front-Lighting Systems (PFLS). In addition to lighting solutions, we offer SPI and LIN motor control options for tilt and swivel control within the front lamp assembly.


Advanced Front Lighting Systems (AFLS)

Today’s advanced front lighting systems (AFLS) utilize a combination of sensors, motors, and an LED matrix to adjust the direction and intensity of the light beam. As a leader in automotive LED lighting solutions, ON Semiconductor offers a wide portfolio of products and solutions that enable the growing automotive advanced front lighting market. These solutions include power management (DC-DC current source), pixel controllers, and stepper motor drivers for tilt and swivel. Our products support modular designs, allowing for a different number of LED strings; as well as flexible design options, supporting multiple car platforms with the same electronics.

Exterior Lighting

Styling and safety are enhanced with the addition LED exterior lighting systems. ON Semiconductor provides a variety of discrete, linear programmable constant current devices designed for regulation and control of LED based lighting systems. These linear current regulator/controllers are able to drive rear combination lamps, day time running lights, and turn signals. They allow for two programmed levels for Stop and Tail illumination, and also slew rate control to eliminate EMI concerns.

Interior Lighting

LED interior lighting continues to grow in popularity, not only as incandescent bulb replacement, but for maker and accent applications. ON Semiconductor offers a variety of discrete and monolithic solutions for a full range of applications. These include simple solutions such as our two terminal constant current regulators (CCRs), which are economical, robust devices that provide an effective solution for regulating current in cost sensitive automotive LED applications. More complex solutions include LIN RGB LED drivers, that combine a LIN transceiver with a RGB LED driver and memory, providing a single-chip RGB driver intended to monitor dedicated multicolor LED applications.