Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) has been widely used because of its accurate and stable positioning capability. But it is not always possible in some challenging signal environments, such as when receiver works indoors, under the elevated bridge or GNSS signal is influenced by jamming.

At present, cellular networks are widely available, covering a large geographic area, which enables QuecLocator service to estimate the position on the basis of surrounding mobile network information easily. The service can be supported where 2G/3G/4G network coverage is available.

Users can choose QuecLocator function when they need Location Base Service

  QuecLocator is an assisted positioning system besides GNSS. When devices are in some challenging signal environments, such as indoors or when GNSS signal is not available, QuecLocator can provide position information in these situations.

QuecLocator also can be a cost down solution for some specific application. When an estimated position is enough, a GNSS module can be retrenched.

  When using QuecLocator function, user only needs to send one AT command. When Quectel 2G/3G/4G module receives the AT command, it will send the cells information of base station to Quectel’s cloudserver. The server will check its database to get the location information of the cellular base station and send it back to the devices.

Cellular location performance depends on the density of network cells. The more data the module can acquire from the database of the server, the more accurate the location information will be. Queclocator server offers a huge database including more than 27 million WCDMA base stations and over 13 million GSM base stations covering 238 countries. The devices with built-in Quectel 2G/3G/4G modules can acquire location information easily around the world.

Quectel modules ensure our users stay safety via the following methods

Cells information and location information only carry location related data which ensure customer’s private information is secure.

Cells information and location information have been encrypted.

Source: http://www.quectel.com/technology/quecopen.htm