Quectel M95 Breakout Board (M95-TE-A)






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M95 is one of the smallest Quad-band GSM/GPRS modules in LCC castellation packaging with the compact size of 19.9 × 23.6 × 2.65mm, ultra-low power consumption and extended temperature range.

With surface mounted technology, the low profile and small size of LCC package makes M95 easily embedded into the low-volume applications and ensures the reliable connectivity with the applications. This kind of package is ideally suited for large-scale manufacturing which has the strict requirements for cost and efficiency.
Built-in unique QuecFOTA technology allows M95 to update the firmware remotely. Additional features such as integrated TCP/IP protocol stack, serial multiplexer and enhanced AT commands guarantee fast and reliable transmission of data, voice, SMS via GSM/GPRS network and extend the functionality of the application without adding cost.
Its tiny size and ultra-low power consumption makes M95 a very cost effective and feature-rich platform that is quite suitable for a wide range of M2M applications such as VTS, Industry PDA, Personal Tracking, Wireless POS, Smart Metering and many other M2M applications.

Key benefits:

  • One of the smallest Quad-band GSM/ GPRS modules
  • Easier soldering process with LCC package
  • Embedded Class-AB amplifier
  • Power consumption as low as 1.3mA
  • Embedded powerful Internet service protocols, multiple Sockets & IP addresses
  • eCall / ERA-GLONASS (Supported in specific firmware)
  • QuecFOTA
  • Jamming detection
  • DTMF decoding

General Specifications:

  • Frequency Bands                                 Quad-band: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • GPRS Multi-slot Class                            12, 1 – 12 configurable
  • GPRS Mobile Station                              Class B
  • Compliant to GSM Phase 2/2+               Class 4 (2W @ 850/900MHz)

                                                              Class 1 (1W @ 1800/1900MHz)

  • Supply Voltage Range                           3.3 – 4.6V, 4.0V nominal
  • Low Power Consumption                       1.3 mA @ DRX=5

                                                              1.2 mA @ DRX=9

  • Operation Temperature                        -40 to 85 Degree Celsius
  • Control via AT commands                     3GPP TS27.007, 27.005 and other enhanced AT Commands
  • GPRS Class 12                                      Max. 85.6 Kbps (Uplink and Downlink)
  • PBCCH Support
  • Coding Schemes                                   CS 1, 2, 3, 4
  • USSD
  • Non Transparent Mode
  • Protocols                                              PPP/TCP/UDP/HTTP/FTP/SMTP/SSL
  • Point-to-Point MO and MT
  • SMS Cell Broadcast
  • Text and PDU Mode
  • Speech Codec Modes                            Half Rate (HR)

                                                              Full Rate (FR)

                                                              Enhanced Full Rated (EFR)

                                                              Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR)

  • Echo Arithmetic                                    Echo Cancellation

                                                              Echo Suppression

                                                              Noise Reduction

  • SIM/USIM                                            3V / 1.8V
  • UART                                                  2 interfaces
  • Analog Audio Channel                           2 Embedded Class-AB amplifier in one channel
  • PCM
  • RTC Backup
  • Antenna Pad
  • Certifications                                        CE/FCC/GCF/PTCRB/NCC/ANATEL/IC/ICASA/UCRF/RCM/Vodafone



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