Development kit GSM M10/M12/M72/M75/M95






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Specification GSM EVB

  • A: Debug port
  • B: Serial port
  • C: Test points
  • D: Adapter interface
  • E: LED indicating module status
  • F: PWRKEY button
  • G: EMERG_OFF button
  • H: VBAT switch
  • I: VCHG switch (charging function)
  • J: Download switch
  • K: 60 pins M10-TE-A interface
  • L: Screw holes for fixing the module
  • M: Earphone interface
  • N: Handset interface of audio channel 2
  • O: Handset interface of audio channel 1
  • P: Fixture hole for RF cable connector
  • Q: Fixture holes for EVB poles
  • R: SIM card interface
  • S: UART port 3


  • A: 5V DC switching adapter
  • B: USB to UART converter cable
  • C: Antenna
  • D: RF cable
  • E: Earphone
  • F: Bolts and nuts for fixing module and EVB



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