This article will show you how to check the functionality of the GPS L70 Easy, for more tips, you should refer to the introduction of GPS L70 Easy.

1. Hardware connection instructions.

     1.1. Antenna connection.

     Use a GPS antenna to connect to the RF Connector on the L70 Easy GPS version 1 circuit.



    With the GPS L70 Easy version 2 has integrated GPS Antenna so no need to connect external antenna.

   1.2. Connect the source.

    Power supply for the L70 Easy GPS circuit from 2.8V to 4.3V, built-in circuit filter capacitors on the circuit, users only need to power the GPS L70 Easy without the need to design additional power filter capacitors.

    To power Breakout you can use one of two ways:

Option 1:
    AT-COM produces a L5973 Step Down pulse source with 5 output voltages of 5V / 4V / 3.3V / 2.7V / 1.8V, 2A load current and up to 250KHz response frequency. Designed with Domino output and 1x2 Header Female with ATCBus-sized dimensions, and easy to attach GPS L70 Easy to L5973 Step Down to power the circuit.

Option 2:
    To save, you always use 3V3 on the USB to UART FT232RL product. This way only limited use for GPS L70 Easy. If you use more peripherals: Microcontroller, GSM module ... should use power from L5973 Step Down.

    In this tutorial we use the 2 nd way, using the 3V3 source on the USB to UART FT232RL product:


2. Software Testing Guide.

  2.1. Install the USB to USB converter driver - FT232RL UART

     In order to communicate with the L70 Easy-GPS and computer you need a USB-UART converter. We use the USB to UART FT232RL module developed by AT-COM. This module is very UART compliant.

   To download Driver for USB to UART FT232RL you have to USB to UART FT232RL product

    Select "Driver for windows 32 bit - 1.2 Mb" if your computer is running 32 bit operating system, select "Driver for windows 64 bit - 3.16 MB" for 64 bit operating system.



     You download the file "Driver Installation Guide" and install it according to the newly downloaded instructions.

     When you connect the USB to UART FT232RL module to your computer, right-click Computer and select Manage, then click on Device Manager, and if the driver is successfully installed, it will display as shown below.



     Each computer can receive different COM ports, here, the computer accepts the USB to UART FT232RL module under "USB Serial Port (COM9)".

   2.2. Install software MT3339 PC Tool v1.3

     MT3339 PC Tool v1.3 is designed for convenient control and customization of built-in MT3339 chipset features in GPS modules.

     To download the software, go to the GPS L70 Easy product, in the reference section, select "Software test", size 36.16 MB.

     When the installation is complete, you run the program, if the error is run with the permissions "Run as Administrator".

  •      On the program interface you select the COM port



  •   Choosing baud rate, the default L70-GPS module has baud rate of 9600 bps.


  •     After selecting the connection parameters, click the Open button to communicate with the L70 Easy GPS.



  • The L70 module returns data on a continuous NMEA computer.



  •     From this data, the MT3339 PC Tool v1.3 handles calculations and displays the latitude, latitude and longitude parameters of the device. We can check coordinates on



    Thus, we have basically checked the functions and parameters of the L70 module, the remaining functions of the L70 module on the software such as: Standby Mode, Periodic Mode, AlwaysLocate, EPO, AIC, LOCUS, EASY Refer to the "GlobalTop MT3339 PC Tool Operation Manual" v1.1.