1.     Introduction of Breakout M35


  Breakout M35 is a product developed by AT-COM based on the features of the M35 module. Breakout M35 is designed in a compact size, SIMCARD is integrated in the circuit to help users easily research and deploy applications related to GSM / GPRS such as remote monitoring control, data collection Remotely via GPRS, SMS ... Besides, with compact size, convenient data output, Breakout M35 will bring the most modern and sophisticated design inspiration. Breakout M35 is designed with 18-pin output divided into 2 rows. Output power supply, data communication between Breakout M35 with external microcontroller, LED display Network status, UART, RTC, Audio, Speaker ...


   2.   The hardware connect with Breakout M35

 To test the Breakout M35 user circuit should prepare the following problems:

  •  Voltage stabilizer circuit to power the Breakout M35 circuit. Power supply for Breakout M35 from 3.3V to 4.6V, pre-designed circuitry for power supply on the circuit, users only need to power the Breakout M35 without the need to add a power filter. AT-COM produces a L5973 Step Down pulse generator with 5 output voltages of 5V / 4V / 3.3V / 2.7V / 1.8V, 2A load current and up to 250KHz response frequency. Especially L5973 Step Down is designed with power input via USB, DC Jack, Domino for users with many options. The output is designed with Domino output and Header Female 1x2 with size support of ATCBus size 30mm wide, and user can easily plug Breakout M35 into L5973 Step Down to power the circuit.

  • Use a GSM antenna to connect to the RF Connector on the Breakout M35 circuit, which allows the circuit to receive GSM / GPRS waves. The Breakout M35 is designed with an outboard antenna connector that fits well into the case when it comes to product design with Breakout M35. Depending on the application, users can use GSM antennas of different sizes:

  • Using a Simcard of the network support 850MHz / 900MHz / 1800Mhz / 1900MHz frequency bands as Mobifone, VinaPhone, Viettel ... On the Breakout M35 circuit is designed a Simcard Holder using click to add the Simcard.


  • Use a USB to UART converter to communicate with the Breakout M35 test computer. Foot TXD, RXD, GND used to communicate with computer or microcontroller to retrieve data from module M35. Users can use the USB To UART circuit of AT-COM to power Breakout M35 and communicate with computer to check Call, SMS, TCP / IP functions.


  • After all hardware has been fully prepared, the user installs Quattro's QNavigator_V1.2 software. Users can download software here. The folder containing the installation directory contains a detailed manual that installs the QNavigator_V1.2 software.
  • After installing the software users need to install additional drivers for USB to UART. Drivers can be downloaded here.

      3. Breakout M35 test guide on QNavigator_V1.2 software

  After completing the installation of the software, driver ... we power the L5973 Step Down circuit and press the Powerkey button to start the M35 module. When the Power up is clicked, the LED Status on the circuit will light up and after a few seconds the LED will flash and the M35 module will start scanning the network, checking the SIMCARD ...



Next, plug the USB to UART into your computer and run the QNavigator_V1.2 software on your computer. The interface and functionality of the QNavigator_V1.2 software is as follows:


To communicate with the first M35 module, we need to select the baud rate to communicate with the UART of the M35 module. Default when producing Breakout M35 in Autobauding mode.



After selecting baud rate, we choose Connect to module.


After selecting Connect to Module, Module M35 will check and display the parameters of module, Simcard such as: Manufacture ID, Firmware version, Network, SIMCARD IMSI ...


Use the SMS test tool to test the M35 module's SMS transmission and reception function.

If the message is successfully sent, it will display the following:


Use the test call tool as follows:



Users can refer to AT Command for M35 modules to configure and test many other functions of M35 module such as TCP / IP, PPP ... by referring to AT Command:


    4. Design Guide BREAKOUT M35

      Users can refer to the size of Breakout M35 to easily design products using Breakout M35. AT-COM supports the Breakout M35 Connector library to better utilize Breakout M35. Users can download the library here.